M. Palazola

Tomato Repacking


M. Palazola Produce handles all of our tomato packaging and sorting on site. We purchase tomato products in bulk and hand sort them by size, color, and quality. This allows us to supply a top quality product that is catered to each customer’s unique needs. 

Whether you need a lush red tomato, a perfect green tomato for frying, or an antique seed heirloom tomato, the M. Palazola Produce Tomato Team can get you what you need!



M. Palazola Produce Co. ripens all of our own bananas. Bananas are shipped green in containers and arrive at various ports. From there, the containers are trucked to M. Palazola and the fruit is ripened on site. This ripening process is usually a 4-7 day procedure depending on the maturity of the fruit. Basically, the procedure stimulates the natural ripening process and with very specific temperatures turns a solid green banana into a yellow banana you would recognize as ready to eat.

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In addition to bananas, we also ripen our own avocados.

This allows us to control texture and quality.